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  • xtWizard überarbeitet
  • phpmailer update to 5.2.21 (alten Ordner 5.2.16 löschen!)
  • XTC4-238  adminDB_DataSave  fix for XTC4-238  default values are ignored

  • XTC4-256 passwort reset ändert passwort type nicht

  • XTC4-260 password type not changed when setting customer pass in admin

  • XTC4-261 bug bei kundengruppenpreisen

  • added autocomplete,placeholder to allowed params

  • added DB_ERROR_LOG_TRACE (true by default) in debug.php for extended logginging in

  • adodb-session2.php  applied xt4 commit  3673f41d95f3e353df5b87044417d0b8d501f42d commit hadling error duplicate entry in xt_session2

  • box_cache fix: test for show_box after including box->loaded_box before output content

  • checkout  dont check shipping code when cart type is virtual i.e. all products in cart are digital

  • class customer made fnc static

  • class customer new functions

  • class filter  added hookpoint class.filter.php:dontUrlDecodeKeys

  • class order  search for orders by ids in north navigation

  • class payment  added sort_order to return array items in _buildData

  • class payment  rework of payment costs %

  • class plugin  moved db_install back to the end of install process

  • class prodct  added hook class.product.php:getBasePrice

  • class product   enables master price view

  • class stock  made _STORE_STOCK_CHECK_BUY available in variable to let plugins change the value in hookpoint

  • class xtLink  to work with smarty {link}

  • class xtLink  to work with smarty {link page='manufacturers'}

  • delete ssl.php includes

  • display.php  added hook display.php:after_minify_serve_footer

  • ExtEditForm   https instead http

  • fix: empty manufacturer data in xtCore/pages/manufacturer.php xtCore/pages/product.php

  • form_handler.php   dont add /index... to URL when changing language on index page

  • moved up loading of plugin_handler.php in main.php

  • page customer uses new functions from class customer

  • xt_password: update old md5 pwd to new one

  • xt_responsive cart.html and product.html changes

  • xt_responsive paypal logo