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Die Changelogs der einzelnen Plugins finden Sie in Zukunft immer direkt im Handbuch des jeweiligen Plugins.

z.B. xt_orders_invoices Changelog

xt:Commerce 5.0.07 (12.05.2017)

  • Sicherheitspatch

xt:Commerce 5.0.06 (28.03.2017)

  • xtWizard überarbeitet
  • adodb error handler  dont recurse into exception
  • adodb error handler  dont trace out of sync errors
  • backend  load seperate tabs when opend from rowAction eg ‚payment costs xt_paypal‘ ‚payment costs xt_skrill‘
  • backend reload of seperate tab when opend from rowAction eg ‚payment costs xt_paypal‘
  • calculating/displaying price/discount
  • check for duplicate products_model (not yet enabled)
  • checkout  fix: max addresses
  • class acl  fix: CKEditor löst warnings aus beim Hochladen von Bilder
  • class cart  fix: Warenkorb zeigt Nachkommastelle nach einloggen, obwohl ‚erlaube Kommastellen im Warenkorb‘ = false
  • class cart  remove deactivated pproducts from cart
  • class check_fields   + is now allowed in email addresses
  • class checkout   _selectShipping now returns associative array with shipping code as key
  • class custom_link   added possibilty to set sort order and flag top category
  • class customers  fixes for sql modes NO_ZERO_IN_DATE and NO_ZERO_DATE
  • class customers_staus  sql fix
  • class export  fixed customer group prices, fixed prices when started manuylly
  • class export_manager fix: Fehler bei Ermittlung der zugeordneten Hersteller eines Exports
  • class form  use static counter instead of rand(0,500)
  • class image   removed log spoil
  • class MediaList   dont show already assigned media in selection list
  • class nested_set  fix: custom links for categories must be created with page name categorie not category
  • class plugin   fixed updater routine
  • class price   round with higher precision
  • class price  dont round values when format!=true
  • class price  trim formated price
  • class product  prepend http:// to products_url when not present
  • class product unset flag_has_pecials when $customers_status->customers_status_show_price == false
  • class search query  fixed assignment error
  • class search_query  search for html entities in products_description and products_short_description
  • class seo_modRewrite   ignore language first in sql query, but change lang if seo-url is for different language then current/default
  • class stock  use shopId when selecting products name
  • class tax   Fix: fehlerhafte Berechnung der Steuer in Sonderfällen
  • class xtLink   dont append params when changing language an seo url found; use /index or any /index.*
  • class xtLink  lang box: dont remove lang from url when seo lang based
  • class xtMailer   use _STORE_NAME as from-name if not found in tpl
  • currency box   fix: Standardwährung ist nicht vorausgewählt
  • databse_handler  use global defined charset
  • dont refresh cart unless USER_POSITION=store
  • fix: debug.php included twiceform_handler.php  fix für: Sprachwechsel aus content springt auf index
  • reenbled _SYSTEM_IMG_SHRINK_ONLY in image processing
  • template   $message auf product.html eingebunden
  • template   dont hide breadcrump on xs-devices
  • template   Template-Überschreibung ermöglichen
  • template  fix itemprop rattingValue
  • template  fix: Keine Tooltips für Touchdevices (Probleme mit iOS)
  • template  fixed accordions auto collapse on mobile
  • Template  fixed blurred images in webkit
  • template  fixed sidebar boxes
  • template  product.html  alternatives eingabefeld für menge (im standard auskommentiert)
  • template  show $products_url when present
  • Template index.html   dont show box xyz on page xyz
  • template index.html  removed hardcoded tpl paramter, let plugin decide what to use
  • updated contact/rescission email-settings
  • xtCore   Template-Überschreibung ermöglichen
  • xtCore/xtFramework   Template-Überschreibung ermöglichen
  • xtMailer   Template-Überschreibung ermöglichen ohne templates/xyz/email
  • xtMinify  create minified js file per location (header/bottom)